středa 16. září 2009

Linux: How to Convert Binary File into Byte Array

Sometimes, a programmer needs to embed a content of a binary file into a program, usually as an array of bytes. For instance, I needed to embed an icon into a Java code, to be really sure the icon is always available for the program. So I have saved an icon in a GIF format and then used the od command. But the result was an unusable list of octal numbers. After a minute with playing, I have found a feasible solution
od -A n -v -t d1 image.gif | sed -e 's/^ *//g' -e 's/  */,/g' -e 's/$/,/g'
I have copied a result into my Java code as
private static final byte[] MISSING_ICON_BYTES = new byte[] { /* copy result here */ };
public static final ImageIcon MISSING_ICON = new ImageIcon(MISSING_ICON_BYTES);

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