úterý 31. srpna 2010

JasperReports PDF Font Mapping

Are your font bold and italic font properties lost when you export your JasperReports report into the PDF? Do you wander, why PDF preview in the iReport has all fonts right? Check this link out, mate: http://sites.google.com/site/xmedeko/code/misc/jasperreports-pdf-font-mapping

čtvrtek 5. srpna 2010

JBoss and HSQLDB 2.0.0

HSQLBD 2.0 GA has been released on 7 June 2010 with a lot of new cool features. I have needed some of them for my JBoss 5.1.0GA, so I have just replaced the library common/lib/hsqldb.jar and voilà, it runs almost without any problem (Hibernate/JPA usage) as before. I have made just one small change, see bellow. Even the HSQLDB Database Manager starts from JMX console. My personal feeling is that the version 2.0 is a little bit faster than 1.8.0, but I have not made any benchmarks.

The HSQLDB 2.0 upgrade notes:
  1. In my import.sql I had to change all timestamp formats from '2010-08-06 8:00:00' to '2010-08-06 08:00:00', i.e. I had to zero pad the hours into two decimal places.