čtvrtek 5. srpna 2010

JBoss and HSQLDB 2.0.0

HSQLBD 2.0 GA has been released on 7 June 2010 with a lot of new cool features. I have needed some of them for my JBoss 5.1.0GA, so I have just replaced the library common/lib/hsqldb.jar and voilà, it runs almost without any problem (Hibernate/JPA usage) as before. I have made just one small change, see bellow. Even the HSQLDB Database Manager starts from JMX console. My personal feeling is that the version 2.0 is a little bit faster than 1.8.0, but I have not made any benchmarks.

The HSQLDB 2.0 upgrade notes:
  1. In my import.sql I had to change all timestamp formats from '2010-08-06 8:00:00' to '2010-08-06 08:00:00', i.e. I had to zero pad the hours into two decimal places.

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