středa 11. května 2011

ZK-DL Released!

ZK-DL, an extension to the ZKoss framework (ZK 5), has been released under LGPL just a few weeks ago!. ZK_DL provides especially:

  1. Integration with Spring.
  2. Flexible listbox, combobox and lovbox (a kind of combobox) components with automatic sorting and searching build upon the Hibernate Criteria API.
  3. And much more, see

The documentation is at and the source code can be found at

I have used DL-ZK with EJB3 on JBoss 5.1 successfully. So I had not taken the advantage of ZK-DL Spring integration (IMHO better than original ZK Spring integration). Anyway the ZK-DL listobox, combobox and lovbox components has greatly simplified our development and provided a rich yet simple interface to our users.

Many thanks to Jiří Bubník and Karel Čemus for their valuable help and cooperation. I wish DL-ZK long life and have many users!

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