čtvrtek 25. dubna 2013

Guava ClassPath Suite

Sometimes, one needs to run just a subset of JUnit test. The very good library ClassPathSuite (cpsuite) address this problem and is able to select test based on a class name, or another class properties (annotation, super class, etc.)

In our project, we have needed a little bit more complicated filter conditions than it offers. Afters studying ClassPathSuite and  Google Guava internals, I just figure out, some kind of more flexible ClassPathSuite can be created using Guava Predicate and ClassPath classes. So I have coded just one core file, GuavaClassPathSuite which does what we need - scans the class path for JUnit tests and filter them by user defined Predicates. I have pushed the solution to GitHub as gcpsuite, Guava ClassPath Suite, project. (Not very distinct name, but points to the Guava ClassPath). Either use it as a library, or simply copy&paste the GuavaClassPathSuite.java, write your predicates and enjoy!

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